Virtual VIP Watchalongs

Since lockdown, AOK Events have had to be more creative than ever.  With sport having returned and likely behind closed doors for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, we are running VIP previews and 'watchalongs' with our clients.

Host a relaxed and engaging Q&A session with a professional host and sporting legend based around a sport of your choice. The virtual event could take place before, during, after the sport or as an exclusive preview.

We invite legends to talk about their sporting highlights, share interesting  stories and encourage your guests to ask questions ‘in person’ via Zoom. Watch-alongs allow your guests to feel closer to the professional than they would at a live event.

Team up the Zoom (Teams, Webex, etc.) call with a TV pass to watch the game as well as hampers sent to all your guests homes to enhance their viewing experience.

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